The proposal continued - The sums: Stadium B

Stadium B

Current capacity: 60,000

Two-tier stand behind each goal

Lower tier of the ‘home end’ (6,000 seats) converted to safe standing

A section of the ‘away end’ (3,000) converted to safe standing

Total seat spaces converted: 9,000 (15% of capacity)

Total standing spaces created: 16,200 (9,000 x 1.8)

Revised total capacity: 67,200 (+7,200, i.e. +12%)

Example seat price: £30

Example standing price: £20

Total gate receipt potential before: £1.8m per match / £36m per 20 games

Total gate receipt potential after: £1.854m per match / £37.08m per 20 games

Potential gate receipt increase per 20-game season: £1.08m

Potential total extra revenue (incl. spend on drinks etc.): £2.3m

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