Keep tabs on press coverage of safe standing in general and the roadshow in particular.

Listed on the pages linked to below are links to practically all available online coverage in mainline media dating from January 2011 to March 2012, when the level of coverage just got so great that I was swamped and unable to keep this page updated. But that's good news, as it means that word was getting around!

January - March 2011

(Includes coverage surrounding the roundtable meeting organised by Don Foster in Westminster in March)

April - May 2011

(Includes coverage of first ever roadshow in Wolverhampton)

June - July 2011

(Includes coverage of roadshow in Liverpool)

August - October 2011

(Includes coverage of roadshows in Cardiff and Portsmouth and Star on Sunday survey)

November 2011

(Includes coverage of TalkSport phone-in and first rumblings from Scotland)

December 2011: December 19th, December 20th, December 21st-31st

(Includes coverage of SPL decision to invite requests for safe standing trials)

January - March 2012

(Includes announcement of Aston Villa interest)