Report for government proposes trials

Nearly ten months after being presented to government, a report looking at what data existed on the matter of standing at football in England and Wales was finally published in October 2019.

Unsurprisingly, as no trials of rail seating have yet been run, it found insufficient data to suggest whether modern dual purpose forms of standing, such as rail seats, would be any more or less safe than sitting.

It consequently recommended that further research, including trials, be done, suggesting that the all-seater policy be relaxed to allow the latter to take place.

Given that the infrastrucuture is already in place at Tottenham and Wolves, it has to be hoped that both clubs will soon be granted permission to operate their rail seat sections as formal standing areas for the purpose of such trials.

Meanwhile, the Sports Ground Safety Authority has also announced that it is carrying out a season-long study into standing. Being done both by the SGSA's own staff and an external research company, this will look at standing on conventional terraces, in all-seater stadia and in areas of rail seating. Their report is due to be published in summer 2020.