The proposal continued - The sums: Stadium A

Here and on the next page are a couple of examples of how clubs can increase capacity, increase revenue and make football more socially inclusive by simultaneously reducing prices. The increase in capacity is created by adding a 'rear step' along each row (this runs underneath the seat when the seat is down, as shown in the images) and accommodating two lines of standing fans, one on the front step, one on the rear, between each continuous, row-long rail. The Green Guide currently permits 1.8 standing fans per space required for a seat. The sums are thus as follows:

Stadium A

Current capacity: 35,000

Two-tier stand behind each goal

Lower tier of the ‘home end’ (3,500 seats) converted to safe standing

A section of the ‘away end’ (1,750) converted to safe standing

Total seat spaces converted: 5,250 (15% of capacity)

Total standing spaces created: 9,450 (5,250 x 1.8)

Revised total capacity: 39,200 (+4,200, i.e. +12%)

Example seat price: £25

Example standing price: £18

Total gate receipt potential before: £875,000 per match / £17.5m per 20 games

Total gate receipt potential after: £913,850 per match / £18.25m per 20 games

Potential gate receipt increase per 20-game season: £750,000

Potential total extra revenue (incl. spend on drinks etc.): £1.4m