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Request a visit

This is the page to read if you would like to have the Safe Standing Roadshow demonstration unit come to visit you. If you are involved in a local safe standing campaign, a representative of a Supporters Trust, Supporters Club or for any other reason interested in learning more about safe standing and would like the opportunity to show people associated with your club what rail seats are all about, simply get in touch and we'll look to fix a date.

The roadshow unit pitchside at Molineux

  • What do you get? We'll bring the roadshow demonstration unit to you and set it up at your venue. A couple of helping hands woulnd't go amiss at your end, as the unit is not light(!) - although it breaks down into several parts. It is ideally suited to being set up outside, but a groundfloor room with a double door leading directly onto a parking area would also be suitable. Fully assembled it is approximately 2 metres wide by 2.3 metres deep (see more details here). As well as the unit, we'll also bring along some literature and one or two people able to answers most questions on safe standing issues in general and on rail seats in particular.
  • What do we expect from you? The whole objective of this roadshow is to spread the word about rail seats. What we ask of you, therefore, is that you arrange at your end to have as many key people lined up to take a look at the unit as possible. These may include:
  • The club chairman, chief executive, stadium manager and/or safety officer
  • The local council safety officer
  • A police representative responsible for the policing of your club's ground
  • Local MPs
  • Local councillors
  • The media
  • Celebrity fans
  • Supporters groups

You are free to decide who would like to have us meet. In some cases, for instance if meeting club officials, you may wish not to invite the press. On other occasions, for instance if a local MP or celebrity fan has promised to turn up, a snapshot for the paper or a couple of minutes on regional TV could create ideal exposure for the rail seat concept. You know your locality and your club best, so it's up to you!

What does it cost?

Nothing. If you'd like to contribute to fuel costs (how about £50?), we wouldn't say no, but your real job is to line up some of the key decision-makers and/or opinion-formers outlined above.

What do you need to do next?

Simply contact us and let's take it from there!