Labour announces support for safe standing

Friday 8 June, 2018, Loftus Road, London: shadow sports minister Dr Rosena Allin-Khan announces official Labour Party support for the introduction of safe standing areas in current all-seater grounds.

After 6 months of consultation with fans, clubs, safety authorities and other interested parties, including a round-table meeting with representatives of 41 supporter groups 2 days earlier at Westminster, the shadow sports minister announced that the Labour Party has made support for safe standing official party policy.

"It's time for change," she said. "Labour's decision is the result of in-depth consultation with football clubs, fans and safety authorities.""The current system isn't working, people are standing in unsafe seated areas, and accidents can happen."

The announcement was made at QPR's Loftus Road, with the Safe Standing Roadshow on hand to act as an appropriate visual prop (shown in the photo are Rosena Allin-Khan and SSR operator Jon Darch).

Support for safe standing is now official party policy of the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens.

As of mid-June 2018 the official Conservative Party line was still to maintain the status quo.