Stand Up Sit Down - A book you must read!

June 2012. Here's a book that should be compulsory reading for everyone with an interest in football stadium management. For club executives, safety officers, politicians, administrators and fans this is prime summer holiday reading:

Across its 314 pages author Peter Caton examines in detail the case for a choice to sit or stand at football, looks at the recommendations of the Taylor Report and considers the arguments against standing.He also reports on visits to all 23 grounds in the Football League that still have terraces and on conversations with safety officers and other club executives at such grounds, where standing evidently works very well.

With direct quotes from opponents of standing, Peter considers the reasons given for taking such a position and in many cases shows major flaws in the arguments.

Having read the book from cover to cover, I am left with the impression that anyone else doing likewise with even a moderately open mind would find it hard to conclude that the current situation is anything other than both illogical and unworkable.

A must-read for all wishing to gain a full understanding of all aspects of the safe standing debate.

Stand Up Sit Down / A Choice To Watch Football by Peter Caton is published by Matador (ISBN 978 1780881 775).

Available online here from Amazon.