Now, let's examine a few mythsOpponents of safe standing come up with all sorts of objections.Most of these derive from a lack of understanding of what 'safe standing' actually means. We therefore examine here some of the prevailing myths in the hope that opponents with an open mind will be happy to look at facts of which they were previously unaware and modify their views accordingly. The list below, and the pages to which each item links, therefore seek to 'bust' some of these myths and counter some of the most common objections raised to safe standing in general and rail seats in particular.

Myth: "Standing is unsafe". Even our opponents admit it isn't! Read on

Myth: "Standing would put off women". Premier League data says otherwise. Read on

Myth: "Current stands cannot be converted". Let the clubs decide! Read on

Myth: "Paramedics will struggle to get to ill fans" - No they won't! Read on

Myth: "Safe standing areas would be difficult to police" - Wrong! Read on

Myth: "Rail seats mean an obstructed view" - No they don't! Read on

Myth: "Clubs want to build all-seater grounds" - He who pays the piper... Read on