Why clubs should consider installing rail seats… No. 3

3. It can increase gate receipts. Dependent upon the wording of the relevant new regulations, space currently used for seating could be converted into space for substantially more standing spectators.

Current regulations (in what is known as the Green Guide) permit the space required for 40 seated fans in the lower leagues to be used by up to 72 standing fans, i.e. a ratio of 1 to 1.8.

Given such a configuration (80% increase in capacity) and a sell-out crowd, any price for a standing place at more than 55.5% of the previous price for a seat would generate higher gate receipts.

For example (assuming 10% of a 40,000 all-seater stadium is converted to standing):

4,000 x seated fans at (say) £30 per ticket = £120,000

7,200 x standing fans at (say) £20 per ticket = £144,000

Potential extra revenue per game = £24,000

Potential extra revenue over a notional 20-game season = £480,000

Some German grounds work on a ratio of 2 standing fans per seating space, thus increasing revenue still further.

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