Press - Jan to March 2011

Press - Jan to March 2011

BBC - 28.02.11 Colchester MP wants return to standing areas

Express & Star - 01.03.11 Wolves standing fans handed a final warning

The Guardian - 22.03.11 We'll listen to case for terraces, says Hugh Robertson

BBC - 23.03.11 Premier League to oppose calls for return to terraces

Daily Mirror - 23.03.11 Manchester United supporters group want Premier League to follow Germany's example

The Guardian - 23.03.11 Should English football bring back standing

The Guardian - 23.03.11 Premier League to oppose standing areas

The Independent - 23.03.11 Hillsborough group condemn standing proposals

The Guardian - 23.03.11 Hillsborough family support group condemn standing area proposals

Daily Mirror - 23.03.11 The return of terracing - Where do you stand?

The Telegraph - 23.03.11 Premier League to oppose moves to reintroduce standing at top flight football

Daily Mirror - 23.03.11 Premier League to oppose fans petition on standing areas

Daily Mirror - 23.03.11 Hillsborough families 'absolutely against' return of standing areas

Southern Daily Echo - 23.03.11 Safe standing campaign hits opposition

Belfast Telegraph - 23.03.11 Premier League against standing

Manchester Evening News - 24.03.11 Man United and Man City to stand against return to terracing

This is Scunthorpe - 24.03.11 Boost for campaign to keep terraces at Glanford Park

This is Staffordshire - 24.03.11 Stoke City: Britannia Stadium not suitable for return of terracing,warns Scholes

Birmingham Press - 25.03.11 Standing around

FC Business - Blog - 25.03.11 Safe standing?

The pink 'un - 25-03.11 Fans group makes strong case for a re-introduction of terracing

Sunderland Echo - 26.03.11 Sunderland fans join campaign for safe standing areas at English football stadia

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