Manchester City fans run rule over rail seats

January 2013. Following a successful visit to the Reddish Blues branch of the Manchester City Supporters Club in November, it was back off to the North West in mid-January for a visit to another branch of the club.

This time it was off to see the Hazel Grove Blues. On a cold, snowy night around 50 fans had braved the weather and asked plenty of pertinent questions about rail seats and safe standing. Given the limited space inside the venue, the single-seat demo unit was used this time, rather than the full 4-seat rig (so, if you'd like a demo and only have limited space, don't be put off - it can still be done!).

Sandwiched between these two visits to Supporters Club branches, Manchester City had been reported in the media as intending "to trial standing at the Etihad Stadium" and wanting "to spearhead the campaign to bring safe standing to the Premier League" (see here).

Judging from the level of support at both roadshow meetings, that would certainly go down well with their fans were they to do so.