New rail seat design introduced by Ferco

Based on an initial sketch by yours truly, Ferco Seating has launched a new form of rail seating, the RailSeat 100. Designed with UK circumstances and regulations firmly in mind, it features a self-tipping moulded plastic seat, yet has a closed depth of just 100mm, making it particularly suitable for use on the relatively narrow seating rows of many UK stadia.

As I mentioned in my document last November about the use of ‘seats incorporating barriers’, the amount of free space left along each row by the chosen seat/barrier product is extremely important. If it is too little, the capacity in such areas could be cut.

For any club hoping to take advantage, if legislation permits this in future, of the provision made in the new Green Guide to increase capacity in areas of seating incorporating barriers, a minimal closed depth is also key. That’s because at least 700mm of space will then be required between each row of seats. The 100mm closed depth of the new seat makes this possible on any seating row conforming to the modern preferred depth of 800mm.