Swindon Town 20th club to back safe standing

January 2013. Following December’s Parliamentary showcase 'The Case for Safe Standing in Football', which was attended by Swidon Town Stadium and Operations Manager Mark Isaacs, the club has now formally confirmed its support for safe standing trials.

The Robins said:

Swindon Town is a club that prides itself on listening to its fans and when surveys such as the recent one run by fan website TheWashbag.com indicate that 87% of Town supporters would welcome the introduction of a safe standing area as part of redevelopment of the County Ground, we are naturally only too happy to have that debate and explore whether that is something that may be possible in the years ahead.

“We believe that such [safe standing] trials would be useful for the football community as a whole in order to enable all concerned to take fully informed, evidence-based decisions on the possible wider introduction of such areas in the future. Swindon Town Football Club fully supports Villa and Peterborough in their request to be allowed to run such trials.”

In August and September 2012, TheWashbag.com surveyed Swindon Town supporters’ views on safe standing at the County Ground. 87% said that they would like provision for safe standing in any redevelopment if it was permitted. TheWashbag.com argued that it would be in the club’s interest to back the safe standing campaign and, to the Robins’ credit, they have done just that.

Ron Smith, Editor of TheWashbag.com, said:

With such a strong display of public support we were pleased with Swindon Town's response and held a constructive meeting with Mark Isaacs. Clearly the club have listened to their supporters in making this statement in support of Aston Villa and Peterborough United being allowed to undertake the safe standing trials.

“These will provide a vital tool to further test the already strong case for safe standing areas in the Premier League and Football League. TheWashbag.com welcomes the opportunity of working with the club and supporters' groups to see safe standing become a reality at the County Ground.”