Why clubs should consider installing rail seats… No. 8

8. It increases crowd safety.

The reality in many grounds today – despite the all-seater requirements – is that hundreds, if not thousands, of fans stand at every game and the clubs turn a blind eye. These fans are standing in areas not designed for the purpose. They are often standing behind low-backed seats. At moments of excitement any slight push from behind can send a fan toppling over that low seat back.

At best the outcome is a grazed shin or sprained ankle. At worst it could be broken bones.

Indeed, a report commissioned in 2009 by the Premier League concluded that "standing in seated areas must be regarded as a significant risk".

Providing fans who wish to stand with a designated standing area designed specifically for the purpose with a waist-high handrail along every row of spectators (or at most every second row) removes this risk and fulfils the club’s duty of care to its customers.

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