Why politicians should back safe standing ... No. 7

7. Because current rules spoil many fans' enjoyment.

Some of their football-going constituents find their enjoyment at matches impaired by being forced to sit, even though they would prefer to stand, free their diaphragm and give their team the best possible vocal support.

Despite the Premier League's own survey showing that 14% of their 'customers' find standing enhances their enjoyment of the game (see page 27 of this survey), fans' desire to do so and the ground stewards’ instructions to prohibit standing often leads to unnecessary tension for all concerned.

Designated standing areas would remove this problem, give the stewards an easier life, make the match-day more enjoyable for the fans (both seated and standing), create a better atmosphere for everyone in the stadium to savour and even encourage lapsed fans - who prefer to stand - to return to the beautiful game.

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