Lib Dem's John Leech calls for safe standing

February 2013. Support for safe standing has been official Liberal Democrat policy since 2008. Previously championed in particular by Don Foster, the baton has now been picked up by John Leech, a Manchester City season ticket holder of some 29 years.

Lib Dem's John Leech reiterates support for safe standing

I met John in Westminster in February and found that he fully 'gets it' and is right behind the campaign. This was also borne out by an article that he wrote that same month for the Manchester Evening News, reproduced on his website, as shown below.

In the article he said: "I genuinely believe that safe standing would be better than the current arrangement when people stand up in seated area for most of the game. Surely, safe standing is an idea whose time has come."

Hopefully more and more politicians will come to think this way!