Ladies like standing too! FSF Fans' Parliament

The Safe Standing Roadshow was on show on Saturday 9th July 2011 at the Football Supporters' Fans' Parliament, held this year at Imperial College, London. And as the photo on the left clearly shows...Ladies like standing too!

During the lunch break of what was a busy day of elections and policy-making, fans popped outside to take a look at the rail seats unit ... and contrary to what some people in football authority would have you believe, it was clearly not just the blokes who liked the idea of being able to stand to watch football at all levels of the game. As the photo shows, in this snapshot at least, the girls outnumbered the 'boys' by a considerable margin!

Back inside in the 'Safe Standing' workshop Chris Nash updated delegates on work undertaken on the campaign during the previous year and Peter Caton gave a summary of his work, which is focussed on retaining terraces at those grounds still lucky enough to have them.

The Safe Standing Roadshow concept was also explained in full, with fans encouraged to request a visit to their ground over the coming months.