Sign up online to FSF safe standing petition

November 2014. Responding to claims from the government that no "compelling case" had been made for the introduction of safe standing areas, the Football Supporters Federation has launched an online petition on the FSF website...

The FSF has been playing a leading role in the campaign for safe standing for many years now and has been instrumental in encouraging MPs like Don Foster to take up this campaign to allow football fans of tier 1 and tier 2 clubs to enjoy the same right to support their teams from a standing position as their brothers and sisters have at lower league clubs, at rugby clubs and even at cricket clubs - not to mention rock fans at concerts in the very stadia where standing is banned for football games!

In response to claims from the government that no "compelling case" had been made for safe standing in the Premier League or Championship, the FSF have now launched an online petition to demonstrate that there is indeed a very great demand and thus a very compelling case for introducing such areas. Add your voice to that list today by signing up here to the FSF safe standing petition. Every extra name helps!

PS: And please circulate the link to all your friends!

The FSF also works closely with fan groups up and down the country, providig valuable assistance and background information to inform discussions with local football club executives, chairmen and owners. If you are in a dialogue with officials at your club and would like some help on how best to put your pro-standing arguments across, the team at the FSF would therefore be pleased to help you. Feel free to contact Chris Nash or Stuart Wood.

A shot of the then away end at Werder Bremen in the FSF's 2007 Safe Standing Report