Grecians back Safe Standing Campaign

December 2012. Following hot on the heels of Aldershot Town, Exeter City - also a club with existing terracing - have joined the growing number of clubs publicly stating their support for the safe standing campaign, regardless of whether the standing ban currently affects them or not.

A club statement said:

As a club that is currently able to offer its supporters a choice of grandstand seats or standing accommodation we would never want to lose that freedom no matter how high up the football pyramid we may climb in the years to come. We also believe that it is a freedom that all football clubs should have, including those currently with all-seater grounds.

“Standing in properly designed, well-maintained, professionally managed areas is safe and popular. We know that from our own first-hand experience. We therefore fully support the Football Supporters' Federation in its call on the Government to allow trials of safe standing areas to help determine how it may be possible in future for clubs currently in all-seater stadia to offer their supporters too the option of watching the game sat down or standing up.