Flying the flag for safe standing at rail seats

May 2012. Every season for the last 6 or 7 years, the fans of Bristol City's East End have gathered before the last home game of the campaign at the Three Lions pub in Bedminster to celebrate 'Flag Day'. With the blessing of the local police and property owners, the fans drape dozens of large flags all over the pub and adjacent buildings, enjoy a cider or two and generally have a bit of a party before trooping off to the game.

Safe Standing Roadshow in attendance

This year, the fans invited the Safe Standing Roadshow to attend, so early that morning we set up on a grassy mound opposite the pub. As was to be expected, all present were very enthusiastic about the rail seats and the prospects of one day being allowed to stand with the club's blessing, rather than having to rely on stewards turning a blind eye. Many fans present also put their names to the Football Supporters Federation's safe standing petition, hard copies of which were being passed around.

You can sign the petition online here.