Safe Standing Roadshow goes international

August 2011. The news that we're trying to introduce the rail seats concept to this country reached the product's homeland this week, as leading German stadium news website carried a report and an interview on the FSF campaign. reports every week on news of new stadium builds and redevelopments all around Europe, with a primary focus on Germany. Having kindly allowed us to use one of their photographs of rail seats, the team at became aware of our campaign and decided to spread the word in their domestic market. The result was a background piece that appeared on 3rd August and an interview published 2 days later.

If you're German's up to scratch, here are the two pieces:

England Fans wollen Stehplätze zurück / English fans want standing back

Heutzutage sind sichere Stehplätze möglich / Nowadays safe standing is possible

Impressively the reporter had really done his homework and even quoted the number of the clause in the Football Spectators Act that needs amending to further our cause!

If only English journalists were as thorough in their reporting!