Safe Standing Roadshow becomes TV star

Ealing Studios, 19th September 2012. The Safe Standing Roadshow becomes a TV star ... well almost! In early October 2012 we found ourselves setting the roadshow up inside the famous Ealing Studios complex in London.

The instigator of this unusual roadshow visit was Haydn Gilbert, a final year student at the Met Film School based at Ealing Studios, who was producing a pilot television show called 'Off-Side' as part of his final graduation piece. The 30-minute long studio-based show was to include humorous features and interviews on current interesting issues in the sporting world. Via this website Haydn found us and invited us to take part. So it was off to Ealing Studios.

Following a short video of footage filmed in Hannover, the show featured a studio interview and an explanation of the rail seat concept standing on the roadshow unit set up inside the studio.While the programme was primarily made as a graduation piece, it may help to give the likes of BBC, ITV, Sky and others ideas for the future ... the roadshow could be set up in their studios, too!

You can find more information about Off-Side and watch the show at