Why politicians should back safe standing ... No. 4

4. Because nothing will be obligatory.

Nobody is going to be holding a gun to the heads of the clubs. The proposal is not that all clubs in the Premier League and the Championship will HAVE to install safe standing areas, but that they should have the opportunity to offer their customers a standing option, if they so wish - once initial pilots prove it will work.

Some clubs may choose not to. Others may find their existing grandstands provide structural limitations and have to defer the idea until future ground redevelopment or any move to a new ground.

It's the same, for example, as with hospitality boxes. Most clubs would like to have them, but not all old grandstands lend themselves to the installation of such boxes, so clubs have to make do without. However, there are no rules banning hospitality boxes.

The situation should be same for safe standing. The clubs should have the freedom to install such areas in their grounds if they wish and their stands are suitable.

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