Yep, that's me - Jon Darch: not much hair, cheesy grin, Bristol City shirt and 1970s tache... and I'm mad enough to have been banging on about this simple and effective solution to the safe standing issue for years - the photo on the right is from the AWD Arena in Hanover in 2005.

The aim of the safe standing roadshow and how you can get involved are explained under the menu tabs labelled 'The Proposal' and 'Request a Visit' above.

The gang
It's not just me, either. As an individual member of the Football Supporters Federation (and, incidentally, a board member of Bristol City Supporters Trust), I'm working closely on this project with the FSF.  As you'll have seen from our sponsors page, I've also got a German manufacturer and their UK supplier on board. And as I can't afford to stump up all the cash to fund the roadshow myself, I have twisted the arm of another football supporting chum to come on board and chip in as well. If the rules get changed and the manufacturer makes a few sales, we might recoup our outlay - or even make a few bob ... if not, c'est la vie, we believe in the objective all the same. Prohibiting standing at footy games is simply wrong!

If you've got any questions about the roadshow, please feel free to contact me.

For more details on the FSF safe standing campaign in general, please contact the FSF.